Friends of Mere Museum hold successful quiz night


Mere Museum Conservation and indexing of the Rutter Scrapbooks asked for a grant of £2568.00 from the Wiltshire South West Area Board, which was 50% of the cost. The board awarded £2000 which left a shortfall of over £500. The Mere Town Council subsequently gave a grant which still left a shortfall. A quiz night was organised which raised the cost of the shortfall. Around 100 people were present, see the photo attached, The Grove Building was filled to capacity. The Rutter Scrapbooks contain mainly documents ranging from locally printed advertisements for local events to press cuttings from national papers all relating to life in Mere during the 19th century. Many are now unique. They were collected by John Rutter and John Farley Rutter of Mere. The 700-plus items are pasted densely into two scrapbooks making consultation difficult. Many are folded and project from the book-edges causing further damage and fading. Each item will be painstakingly removed and repaired and each placed in an archivally safe polyethelene pocket and then stored in boxes. They will be indexed at the Museum. I consider it will also strongly contribute to the focus on education in this area.

Picture and editorial by George Jeans, Mere.

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