Transport Manager for Tisbus (and Trustees)

Your local community bus company, Tisbus, serves the Tisbury and surrounding area with our fleet of four buses. To continue to do this, Tisbus needs good experienced trustees including a transport manager to join our board.

Duties for the transport manager are to keep our four minibuses on the road, supervising the maintenance of the vehicles and attending to any other matters that arise with the fleet .
Duties for the trustees are the attending of a two hour, monthly meeting as part of the governance of Tisbus.

if you have the time and are interested, please ring:
James Scott-Clarke: 01747 871921
Don McLaren: 01722 714483

Salary: Voluntary position
Hours: 2 hours a month for trustee, 2 hours a week for Transport Manager
Application deadline: 1 August 2016
Employer: Tisbury and District Community Minibus Ltd
Location: Tisbury Wiltshire (Map link)

Contact details
Tel: 01747 871921

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